What Happens to Machine Gun Kelly After the "Rap Devil" Eminem Diss?

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by RediKnow 2,147,434

What Happens to Machine Gun Kelly After the "Rap Devil" Eminem Diss? Hip-Hop fans have been on the edge of their seats for the past few weeks following the release of the Eminem album Kamikaze. The surprise nature of the album drop alongside Eminem's return to his signature Slim Shady flow has been the subject of lots of excitement. However, the most talked about aspect of the project have been the direct and subliminal shots the Detroit MC took at several rappers and media personalities. These include Lil' Yaddy, Drake, Joe Budden, Charlemagne Tha God, Machine Gun Kelly, Tyler the creator, mumble rappers in general and many more. While all the other victims of Em's disses are still leaking their wounds, and having nightmares on how to respond, rapper Machine Gun Kelly bravely took Em's challenge. The Cleveland rapper wasted no time clapping back at Eminem with the diss track Rap Devil, dropped barely 3 days after the Kamikaze album release. Knowing Eminem, he is not one to let any disrespect slide, especially when his family is brought into play. However, most people think the rap legend may have better things to do than focus on dissing the largely unknown Machine Gun Kelly. So what happens next from here? Here are some of the most likely possibilities.