Scar and Mufasa have a talk before the coronation *lip sync*

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by FlashakaViolet 2,506,640

Reblog on tumblr: 100th VIDEO :D IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS JUST READ DESC!!!! Scar and Mufasa have a talk before Muffy's coronation. It takes place many years before the events of the Lion King, when Muffy and Scar were younger and Scar wasn't a psycho yet. The blurry part is Scar's imagination, just so you know. -- I'm so addicted to Thor xD And I'm addicted to Lion King as well, so I've decided to put together my two obsessions, since they pratically deal with the same subject: two brothers, one throne. Sad story. The audio is from a deleted scene of Thor. Here's the link if you wanna watch it: Enjoy :D