BMW M5 - Gangsta's Paradise

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by Dark Side 9,663,903

Special thanks to: zelimkhansh m, Dag Drive, Imam Cakaev and Dr Tamirlan zelimkhansh m: LIMMA: Imam Cakaev Official : Dr Tamirlan: Enjoy the video, Legendary song: Coolio - Gangster's Paradise Remix by: JW INUVATION (Need For Speed) This video become one of my favorite videos (from my Edits) BMW M5 F10 - This car is so Strong! When I look at that car, the only thing I imagine is the song by Coolio. This song fits F10 M5 well! What about BMW M5 V10. OK! I have no more words to describe this car! This car isn't only a Strong BMW M! This V10 engine, that view, that exterior, interior, sound and just a legendary M5 E60 I can't describe this car anymore, there is no words to describe E60 M5 V10 ! Even non-BMW Fans love BMW M5 E60! Everyone loves M5 E60 V10! I tried to say everything about M5 F10 and M5 E60 in one Movie with the greatist Song Coolio Gangsta's Paradise I know there will be so much positive comments about this video ! 'cause I think I described it well in one short Movie !