Understanding The Helter Skelter Phenomenon

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by Lie Likes Music 82,109

Check out Hollyhobbs' channel for a bunch of great videos about The Beatles and their history: https://bit.ly/2x0WuwP INFO: When The Beatles released their self-titled album aka «The White Album» on 22nd of November 1968, they knew very little about how a certain man would interpret the lyrics on the album. Blackbird, Piggies and Helter Skelter were all songs that Charles Manson interpreted as a grandiose message, telling him about a larger-than-life prophesy. In his eyes, The Beatles were The 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse written about in the bible. In his ears, Helter Skelter was a song about the fall of man. About a coming race war. The guy was out of his mind, there’s no doubt about that. Inspired by the song, he and his group set out to initiate the apocalypse, killing 5 people in the process. On the other hand, the song itself had nothing to do with a possible apocalypse. The song was made with the intention of making the heaviest song in contemporary music. But as time passed by, both the term and the song was preserved in music history.