The Shippening: Gumball's Response to OCs

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Download Amino and join me in the Gumball community! iOS and Google Play: Follow Me: Alpha Jay Show - The Amazing World of Gumball The Shippening Review! Today, I cover the highly-talked about episode Gumball The Shippening! I also respond to a comment made towards the creator of the show, CHECK IT OUT! Did you enjoy this The Shippening Gumball Review and want more videos like this Gumball The Shippening Episode Review? Let me know! - ▶ ALL OPINIONS ARE OF MY OWN AND NOT OF ANY OTHER COMPANY, SPONSOR OR PLATFORM ◀ - ● SUBSCRIBE HERE! - ● Place Your Requests Here - - RELATED PLAYLISTS ▶ Cartoon Network Playlist (like this gumball the shippening review video) - ▶ The Amazing World of Gumball Playlist - ▶ Season Five Of The Alpha Jay Show! - ▶ Binge Watch My Reviews In Order :D - - 💵 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL / SPONSORS 💵 ● Patreon - ● Tubebuddy - ● - ● Get 10% Off Your First Month Of TeeBLOX Using ● Code: "ALPHAJAYTBX" ● Link To TeeBlox Site: 💵 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL / SPONSORS 💵 - IMPORTANT LINKS ⬛ Discord - ⬛ Twitter - ⬛ DeviantArt - ⬛ Tumblr - ⬛ Instagram - ⬛ Thumbnail Artist - ⬛ Roblox - ⬛ Twitch - - RELATED VIDEOS: ▶ More Cartoon Network Videos (like amazing world of gumball episode review video)! - ▶ More Gumball Videos (like the shippening gumball review video) ! - ▶ Random Video! - - SERIES SUMMARY The Alpha Jay Show reviews animation episodes, animated TV movies, cartoons, and other things as a main series. I have reviewed many things from Fairly Oddparents to SpongeBob to Teen Titans Go to The Amazing World Of Gumball and many more. Expect a fair, open-minded and non-pandering review of whatever episode I use. Bear in mind while I do use copyrighted material, it is highly likely that my content falls under the legal defense of fair use. - SHOW SUMMARY No, this animated series is not about anthropomorphic chewing gum, it's about a young cat named Gumball Watterson. Gumball has a penchant for getting into trouble, often resulting from schemes he comes up with, but he never seems to learn his lesson. Gumball's best friend is a fish named Darwin, who used to be the family pet until he grew legs and became part of the family. Gumball resents his younger sister, Anais, because she is the smartest member of the family. Gumball's mother is the breadwinner in the family, working long hours at the rainbow factory, and his father stays at home watching TV and playing video games. -- Google Search - GEAR I USE ⬛ Microphone (Blue Yeti): ⬛ Headphones (Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Open Air): ⬛ Photo Editing Software (GIMP): ⬛ Video Editing Software (Adobe): ⬛ Music Provider (Monstercat): ⬛ Secret Weapon (???): - TITLE SUMMARY Self-explanatory. (Context: the shippening tawog, gumball review the shippening) - ▶ ALL OPINIONS ARE OF MY OWN AND NOT OF ANY OTHER COMPANY, SPONSOR OR PLATFORM ◀ -