I traveled down to St. George, Utah in February for their annual "St. George Parade of Homes," and one of the homes (#19 - Maison Enchante "The Enchanted Home") had a 18-foot tall Peg-Board in the basement.  Naturally, I just had to try it out for myself, even though I'd never climbed a Peg-Board before.  Not only was I able to climb it to the very top and back down on my very first try, but the builder of the home said I was the only person he'd seen that could do it.  He gave me a free t-shirt.

How does this apply to Ninja Warrior and the obstacle courses of Sasuke in Japan?  Simple.  Stage 3 of Sasuke is NOTHING but upper-body strength.  All eight obstacles of Stage 3 are designed to push your upper-body strength and endurance to the breaking point and beyond.  I found that Peg-Board climbing is excellent for building fantastic upper-body strength, because it trains you to hold your entire body-weight (if only for a second or two) with one arm at a time.

Believe me, climbing to the top of the board and back down is a serious upper-body workout.  I loved it!  I now know that (eventually) I'll have to buy one of my own.


-- Jake Hilton (NixSeraph)