How to Draw a Flower & Paisley Henna / Mehndi design : festival pricing

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by Henna By Heather 372,534

Want more designs that come along with pricing guidelines for doing henna in a festival setting? Check out my new book Festival Henna Fusion Favorites!: Thanks so much for the positive responses to this video that encouraged me to finally getting around to publishing the festival design book :) Heather demonstrates how to do a flower (with shading) and paisley together to make a cute festival design. Video pauses at different festival price points - $5, $10, $15, $20 NOTE: This video is OLD!!!! (nearly half a decade old at the point of writing this update, older by the time you see this)... so the pricing is not up to date. Currently, I don't offer $5 designs in my booth - henna is popular enough that I don't need to entice/convince people with that super low price point anymore. $10 is still cheaper than getting your nails done, and the henna will look good long after nails start to chip :) Also, that $15 design is more like a $20, as it's more than 2x as much work as the $10. And the $20 price point is $25 pushing actually up towards $30. Which, when you consider that each paisley takes much longer than a $10 flower, makes plenty of sense :) It just took me a while to fully realize it for myself. And now I'm happy to share that with you :) Trendy Mehndi III at reflects my current pricing structure that I've been using this season. -Heather, 9/14/16