Landry Bender - Crash & Bernstein (Disney XD)

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by HappyCool 38,621

Here is an interview of Landry Bender who stars in the new Disney XD series Crash & Bernstein which premieres Monday, October 8, 8:30 p.m., ET/PT. Show Summary: "Crash and Bernstein," a live-action "bro-comedy" series with puppetry, follows 12-year-old Wyatt Bernstein, the only son among four kids, whose new puppet, Crash, comes to life and becomes his loud-mouthed surrogate brother who knows no limits. Wyatt is a typical boy who enjoys hanging out at the local arcade with his best friend, Pesto, when he is not at home with his mother, Mel, and three sisters -- popular 16-year-old Amanda, fashion-forward middle sister Cleo and assertive 6-year-old Jasmine. In a household full of girls, Wyatt desperately wishes for a brother with whom he could do fun guy stuff and who would provide him much-needed male camaraderie at home. When Wyatt is reluctantly taken to a Build-A-Bestie store by his family for his birthday, he creates a boy-filled version of a Bestie. His dream finally comes true when his creation, Crash, comes to life. Funny, daring and spontaneous, Crash introduces unpredictable chaos into Wyatt's life, inadvertently disrupting his relationships at home, at school and anywhere in between. Unselfish, adventurous and willing to try anything, Wyatt discovers what it really means when someone new comes into your life and turns it upside down. Together the new "brothers" help each other navigate life's experiences -- Crash helps Wyatt come out of his shell, and Wyatt introduces Crash to life as a kid. He teaches Crash to do the right thing no matter how difficult, especially when facing new and sometimes challenging situations. Although they sometimes have their differences, like true brothers they always have each other's back. Starring are newcomer Cole Jensen as Wyatt, Tim Lagasse ("Johnny and the Sprites," "Between the Lions") as Crash, Oana Gregory ("Lab Rats") as Amanda, Landry Bender ("The Sitter") as Cleo and Aaron Landon ("New Girl") as Pesto. Recurring are Mary Birdsong ("Reno 911") as Mel, Mckenna Grace as Jasmine and Danny Woodburn ("Seinfeld") as Mr. Poulos. - Subscribe to our channel - Follow us on Twitter - Follow us on Facebook - Follow us on Tumblr - Subscribe to our RSS Feed